Above All Glory

Skate Punk / Punk Rock / Pop Punk
von Wendelix
erstellt 18.10.2018 17:18 Uhr


Above All Glory is a skate punk trio formed in Summer 2016 from the heart of Hamburg. Beside writing catchy and melodic songs with blending energy and groove with a love of the 90's Fat Wreck Sound, the bands most important goal is to deliver an active, fun and entertaining show without taking themself to seriously. The band released their debut EP "Concrete Melodies" in June '18 and we're happy to share the stage with international acts such as Get Dead, The Queers (all U.S.) or Useless ID (ISR) to name a few.

Above All Glory is:
Jan 'Wendelix' - Vocals/Bass
Rob - Guitar/Vocals
Basti - Drums




Communication Failure

Hunt The Hunter




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