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Next to my Singer/Songwriter & videography programme I am searching for music mates for regular Funk-Jam-Sessions, preferably in Hamburg. So in case you need some additional salt in your funk band, event or private session feel free to contact me. I offer my funk guitar improvisation at any funk-jam occasion, either live or with your band in studio. Just contact me & invite me to your rehearsal.




22765 Hamburg

Telefon: 01708392160


Sade 'SABMH' plus my SlapWah-Guitar

Flevans 'Sounds Good' plus my SlapWah-Guitar

Chico Debarge 'LTNS' plus SlapWah-Guitar

MeShell Ndegeocello 'BBTP' plus my SlapWah-Guitar

John Mayer 'SFLYM' plus additional Slapwah-Guitar



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