Rock with a mix of Pop and Hard Rock
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from Hamburg

Melanie - Lead Vocals
Pop Diva in a Hard Rock Band.......
Without a doubt, Melanies god given combination of lyrical aptitude and versatile golden larynx is the literal voice of Melicious. Melanie is truly a gifted singer in every sense of the word.

Nick - Drums / Vocals
Nick keeps Melicious on the grid. His metronome like timing is almost too good to believe. His heavy hitting drumming style, a creation of being involved heavily in the 80´s with Drum and Bugel Corps Drum line, has been described as no-nonsense ferocity rock style drumming with dynamics in the forefront.

Markus - Bassist
Markus brings the groove to Melicious where he uses a complex mix of bass tones ranging from funk to hard rock mixing it all up into a symphony of rock destruction!

Mike - Lead Guitar
Mike is a true Head Bangers guitarist. He knows how to jam on stage with his super melodic metal solos. If Mike was suddenly dropped in the middle of the Sahara desert, and he had a choice of water or his Ibanez Iceman IC400,
of course there is no substitute..."why to do I need water in the desert when I have the Iceman"..... enough said....

Wolfang - Guitar / Vocals
One word sums up Wolfgang on the guitar...perfection....He IS the definition of the pure "Guitar Freak Geek". Name any Van Halen song, he will play it back to you note for note as if Eddie Van Halen was standing directly in front of you. And besides that, do you know of any guitarist who has has a Van Halen Tatoo on his arm? I didnt think so... :)


Endorsement Corner:

Melanie prefers mics that work and are durable like SURE SM58 cordless....

Nick plays PDP X7 ocean blue sparkle drums complete DW 5000 hardware and double foot pedals, Zildjian, Sabian, Master Works, & Anatolian cymbals..... and beats them into submission with custom forged drum sticks designed from well renouned Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante.

Also on the accoustic side: Cajon - Meinl

Guitar Mikes arsenal:
Ibanez Iceman IC400,
Ibanez VBT700,
Ibanez ADX120,
Spear Evil Monkey,
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1978

Marshall Anniversary 6100, JCM800 4x12 Cabinet,
Bugera V22
EHX Small Clone Chorus,
Cry Baby Wah Wah

Elixir Nanoweb

Markus on bass uses:

Fender Jazz Bass American Standard

Trace Elliot GP12 SMX 350AH
Trace Elliot 4x10
Trace Elliot 1x15


Rotosound SM66

Former Band Members from former Band found in Jan- 2013 Named Artep Flow :
Lead Singer . Petra
Lead Guitar - Holger
Bass - Mike




21129 Hamburg

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