Alternative Rock mit Ausschlägen in viele Richtungen
von Venatic
erstellt 21.01.2009 15:56 Uhr


The Band formed back in 2003 and after several line-up changes they
arrived at their current formation in late 2007, which is musically,
personally and professionally the best they have been in their
history. There have been a lot of ups and downs for Julien (Vox), Mark
(Guit), Peter (Guit) and Torben (Drums) over the last few years but
these experiences only made them grow stronger and become more tightly

Driven by their new bass player Markus, the band combines modern
alternative Rock leaking over from the US with a slight taste of old
school attitude and song writing, which they interpret in their very
own melodic way. The lead singer, Julien Philipp, adds his personal
style to each song, which could be anything from expressive 'Myles
Kennedy like' chorus lines to furious Pantera shouts.

The bands focus lies on each song itself, to avoid the constant
repetition of "one and the same" as is often the case in the current
music business. While playing and working their ass off at rehearsals
in their little basement-studio in the north of Hamburg/German each
one of them tries to put as much heart into every song as humanly
possible. It goes without saying that songs are tweaked until all
members are satisfied with the final product. Their music is their way
of life, they express themselves through it and it's a main

In August 2008 VENATIC went collaborating with up and
coming engineer, producer and musician Eike Freese from
Hamburg/Germany and recorded their third EP.

There is a lot to do and even more to achieve in the future. VENATIC
is ready for whatever is coming...

are you?!



Torben Neuss

22393 Hamburg

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