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Dandelion Children

Alternative indie ska rock
von Dandelion Children
erstellt 20.03.2012 13:42 Uhr


Dandelion Children became "earborn" approximately three years ago. The result is a trio from Ljubljana (Nove Jarše), Slovenia. Members include: Jure: vocal, bass, guitar, keyboards/ Anze: guitar, bass, back vocal/ Katja: drums
What's interesting and extraordinary in this band is the switching of base and guitar between Jure and Anze (also on stage) , unusual track arangements and genre diversity. (along the unique style you can detect/hear lots of different genres like punk, funk, country, blues, ragge, ska and also alter/progressive rock).
Dandelion Children want to stay genuine with their style and grow with the music.


EXIT 2012 performers



Peter Djoki?
Beblerjev trg 10
20000 Ljubljana
Telefon: 0038640994021


That color



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