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Born down in Reinbek (Germany) in 2009, as a Jamsession Club, called Tuesday...cuz we play every tuesday. So Hagen wrote a song about a part of his life and that´s "Gut so" ... so we still go on ;)

Our trd song is "Hillstreet". It seems to be Bernadette again...don´t know what´s up with Hagen. I think, he don´t want her back :-P

We work on a EP. Hope it´s ready in March this year. Three Songs and a Bonus Track...keep rockin´

So...Songs are ready. Latest is a Ballad, written and composed by Tom Wood and Tuesday Görmanie...hope it´s cool :)

We are:

Ron - Leadguitar/Vocals
Alex - Guitar/Didgeridoo
Tom - Cajón/Percussions/Vocals/Production
Hagen - Songwriter/Vocals
George - Guitar

All the Best
Tuesday G.




Tom Wood

21465 Reinbek

Telefon: keine Telefonnummer hinterlegt


Hillstreet 60´s

Don´t want 2 be a Star (Mystic Version)



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