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Back in the Eighties, bands such as Fifth Angel,House Of Lords and Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force were the proof that melody can be paired with heavy,over the top vitruousic playing.But the begining of the 90’s the talent of hard-hitting,melodic rock & metal music was forced to bloom in the shadow of the rapidly expanding Seatle grunge jungle. It wasn't until the late summer of 2002 that TRAGEDIAN was formed and set out to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers mentioned above. Guitarist,producer & writer Gabriele Palermo had just migrated to Hamburg,Germany exactly 2 years prior knowing that this form of music was still going strong there,The first line up was stable and running by October 2002 and the band was hard at work polishing ideas and songs collected on cassette tapes since 1995. On January 3rd 2003, the recording of the bands first demo got underway and was ready to be presented to the rock & metal world the following April.Overall the reception of the first demo was mixed with the problem being the music was liked but not the singers voice.With this in mind, TRAGEDIAN hit the live circuit with known bands as PARAGON,PAGAN’S MIND,GALLOWGLASS;ETERNAL REIGN and MOB RULES hoping to convince the non convinced.After a year together of gigs,rehearsals and internal stress,TRAGEDIAN mk 1 was no more.For the remainder of 2004,Gabriele worked on the songs alone in his newly built home studio until March 2005 when he met vocalist Timo Behrens while he performed at a Hamburg night club.Timo’s genuine metal voice give songs such as "Conquerors", "Eternal Fight'" and "Broken Dream" a special, contemporary flair. Of course, besides the tremendous handiwork of the musicians, the melodic aspects are also given close attention and so the work of TRAGEDIAN also shines with exciting melodies and arrangements reminicent of the glorious 80’s.Their intelligent, mystical-philosophical-non fictional lyrics form a perfect framework for the musical gems on "Dreamscape". And it was all this that resulted in a collaboration with Music Buy Mail. Their reputation for carving out melodic,powerful,speed of light anthems is running ahead of the band and is yet more proof for the genuine quality of TRAGEDIAN. "Dreamscape" will be warmly welcomed by every fan of Melodic,Speed and Power Metal and puts German Heavy Metal in a totally new light.



Gabriele Palermo

22335 Hamburg

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New Promise Land


Trials Of Fire

Turn Back Time

Broken Dream



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