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Verfasst von peosabido - 25.02. 21:28 Uhr in Sonstiges gesucht

I am looking for other musicians who have some experience creating instrumental (and maybe vocal) melodies and mixing/mastering their tracks to create and release music with.

I am a singer and songwriter (PT, 27) and have been producing my own tracks - which you might check on Spotify (released tracks) or SoundCloud (released tracks + demos + covers!) under the name Peo Sabido:

Although I enjoy writing all the instrumental melodies of a track and producing my songs, this whole process gets very monotonous when done alone. Plus it's hard to keep on being creative, and enthusiastic when there's no one to share the process with.

If you enjoy creating your own music in the genres of pop, adult contemporary, RnB, dance-pop, kpop, afro-house, or any genre in which vocals and rhythm and strong players, and you would also like to create music with other people, feel free to hit me up. I mostly use Ableton, but that should not be a barrier to creating music! ;)

Side note: I can speak German, I am just faster in English


Hamburg, Barmbek


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