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Verfasst von The Croax - 15.09. 22:24 Uhr in Stimme gesucht

We, Sunny (33, bass), Alíse (26, drums), and Anja (42, guitar), are looking for a singer. We are working on our own song material, style is 70's rockish, but have no recordings yet (starting in October, though). What we have is a room, a name and some beers left!

No power chords-only! No German lyrics!

Having fun is, what counts in the first place. We consider ourselves as decent, but not super professional musicians. Which means we are serious enough to know where we have and WANT to improve. And so should you!

As our future singer, you don‘t have to be perfect in every aspect when it comes to singing. But you should have the courage to bring in your voice, your personality and your ideas, so we can grow together as a band.

Age doesn't matter, but SO DOES mutual sympathy, dedication and the willingness to do regular practicing and rehearsals (currently on Wednesday evening, tryouts will be on Sundays).

Cheers, and looking forward to hearing from you.




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