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Verfasst von The Croax - 08.06. 12:29 Uhr in Bass gesucht

We, Alíse (drums, 25) and Anja (guitar, 41) are looking for a bass player. We are just getting started forming a band together, so we don’t have our own song material yet. What we have are a room, a name and some beers left! Currently we are practising stuff between The Who and 70's (Punk-)Rock and are starting to write our own songs more or less based on that style.

No power chords-only! No German lyrics!

Having fun is what counts in the first place. We both know our instruments, but haven’t play in a while. We consider ourselves as ambitious musicians, which means we are serious enough to know where we have and WANT to improve.

As our future bassist you are NOT supposed to be super-professional. We are definitely not expecting you to play every song perfectly and with ease on the first or even second run. That might actually be rather embarrassing for us. ;D - If you like crows, all the better.

Age doesn't matter, but SO DOES mutual sympathy, dedication and the willingness to do regular practicing and rehearsals (in Hamburg Hamm currently on Sunday evening, optionally on Wednesdays).

Cheers, and looking forward to hearing from you.




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0176 20432420 (Anja speaks German – just in case) or +46 73 0800663 (Alíse prefers text messages)

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