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this valentine, would you be my drummer?

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Verfasst von melancholic_android - 08.01. 21:47 Uhr in Drums gesucht

are you a drummer?
do you have access to drums + any sort of recording device (smartphones included)?
are you interested on creating some pretty good shitty music together?

if so, then WE WANT YOU! (the royal we, since I am just one person [Carol, 25]) (also I kind of regret the allusion to the US army; I'm not a fan by a long shot)

although I can sing, play the bass and the guitar well enough, when it comes to drums it sounds tragic (and not in an artistic way). I could say what I'm looking for but I'm not looking for anything specific: just march to the beat of your own drum [beat to the beat of your own drum?]. off the top of my head, though: I can say I'm a huge fan of Sonic Youth and their drummer, Steve Shelley. my own music doesn't have a specific genre but has similarities with shoegaze, noise, dream pop, post-punk. LOTS of room for experimentation.

drop me a line if any of this sounds interesting to you. who knows: worst case scenario, you'll get a beer out of this — or some other sort of drink.




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