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Verfasst von AndrewRexus - 29.09.2019 22:26 Uhr in Stimme sucht

Hey everyone,

I‘m an American here in Hamburg - I‘m a Singer and also musician, but at the moment I am hoping to starting singing more in a group setting, and try to get out and perform more.

I am open to covers, but can also write lyrics for original music. So if you need a lyricist and singer for original music, I am also available. Style of music should be ballad - rock, indie, soulful singer style. Below are some links so you can hear my voice:

Rent 2018 -
All of Me:
Leave your hat on:
Want you back: (Bass Cover)
Original Band:

If there are any questions, or more info is needed, just let me know.





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+49 015170389893

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