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Versatile electric bass player looking for semi-serious band

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Verfasst von smith - 16.01. 10:16 Uhr in Bass sucht

Hi all! I'll be up-front and tell you that my German skills are probably not good enough to conduct rehearsals in German, so I'm looking for a band that is fine speaking primarily English. I realize that I'm in your country, so if that doesn't work for you, I absolutely understand.

Who am I?
A a 33-year-old former professional bass player. I have all my own equipment and some experience doing backup vocals (don't expect me to replace a lead singer). I've been in a wide variety of bands and sub gigs, so I can handle a lot of different types of music and I will always work with a sense of professionalism. What I don't have is a car, or weeks of time off work to go on tour, since that might be a deciding factor for some.

What am I looking for?
A band that plans to play gigs somewhat regularly (~once a month would be perfect). Covers or originals aren't critical to me as long as it's enjoyable to play and what I like to play is music that gets you moving, whether it's in a mosh pit or a dance floor. That said, just about anything played with love and musicianship is fun.

Let me know if you're interested and we can talk about setting up an audition. Hope to hear from you soon.




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