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Guitarist looking for rock band

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Verfasst von SKB am 07.07. 20:35 Uhr in Gitarre sucht

Hey all,

Recently my band fell apart, and because of this I am looking for an existing band to join as a rock guitarist. I have always played lead guitar, but I can serve as a rhythm guitarist just as well. I have over 15 years experience playing in rockbands. I have my gear in order, and I am very eager to join an existing rock group.
It would be nice to join a band which players are between 25/35 years old. I am 31 myself. I prefer to play rock / hard rock music. I come from Holland, and usually speak English here, but German language shouldn’t be a big problem. Please send me a message here on facebook if you are interested. Video playing at band rehearsal i can show via email or whatsapp.

Thanks, and i hope to hear from you soon!





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