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Rock bassist for recording project

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Verfasst von A While Away am 08.06. 00:20 Uhr in Bass gesucht

I'm looking for a Bassist to join A While Away as an official member for an Ep I am currently writing for release in November and any live shows.

The project will be a 3 piece so a good bassist and drummer will be the backbone of the project.

My influences are: Alice in Chains, Velvet Revolver, Sixx Am, Mastodon etc...

I will be writing 5 bare bones songs (Vocals, Melodies, Guitar chords, Beats) and we will work on them together expanding the ideas to create a finished song.
It's irrelevant whether you keep it simple or play technical bass. I'm more interested in someone with their own unique style.

Here are my current songs:

The newer Ep will be different sound than that of the current music and eventually I hope to also take this project to the stage!

If this would interest you please get in touch.

A While Away


Hamburg Winterhude


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