Anette Herrmann – Sängerin – Singer

My singing life:

My dad tought me to sing and play flute at the age of 3 – german and hebrew songs, because he had grewn up in Israel. Later I sang in a childrens choir in a christian church and joind the main church choir. Fell in love with Brazilian music whilst watching the movie "Orfeo Negro" in TV. Forgot about it later. Started to play piano at the age of 14 as an autodidact. Eventually my parents could not stand the sight of her daughter who was enthusiastically playing on a selfmade cardboad-keyboard for hours and bought a real piano.
I started classical voice education at the age of 17. I was trained as a Mezzo Sopran, was asked for first concerts ind Churches and singing halls. At the age of 20 I lost my voice for 2 months. When I consulted a doc who told me that my voice was over exhausted and probably would not be loud enough to sing opera, my musical planet collapsed – I stopped singing and studied graphic design.

Emigrated to England in 1999, I accidently joined a folk group, came back to Germany in 2001, joined a medieaval group ("Nolens Volens") and later founded a medieaval & baroque duo (lute, flute and voice, "Maienzit"). Sang in various chamber choirs ("Lux Aeterna Hamburg") and some ensembles,
did many solos in churches. Started to sing Jazz in 2002, found that Bossa Nova was the better way to sing, started to learn Brazilian Portugese in 2005, joined in a classical medieaval ensemble "Capella Maris Stella" in 2009 (3 flutes, lute, tenor). The repertoire is mainly from Guillaume Dufay,
Guillaume de Machaut, Josquin Desprez, Hans Neusiedler, new arrangements made by Mathias Nagel.

I live on graphic design, singing Bossa Nova/Soul/Jazz and Baroque/Renaissance music on various occasions. Found my bossa beats with the great guitarrist Jessé Gomes (Brasil/Hamburg), my soul at Love Newkirk (USA/Hamburg), got the rythm with Cesar Ferreira (Brasil/Hamburg), classical fine tuning tuning at Tiina Zahn/Mezzo soprano /Norddeutsches Rundfunkorchester.

Last year the lutenist and theorbist Ulf Dressler and I met – website is on her way. repertoire: Caccini, Monteverdi, Dowland, Guedron, D'ascanio, Tromboncino, Boesset, Handel, Attaignant and Adam Krieger.

At the Sommerakademie Neuburg August 2012 I had the pleasure to take part in Emma Kirkby's masterclass, also sang to the lute in Jacob Lindberg's class.

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Hola..que tal...ich bin drummer aus chile ,.und wohne in HH...Falls du ein drummer brauchst für gig´s oder studio..
hier meine

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Hola Nancho,

Gracias/obrigado! ;o)
Klingt sehr gut, Danke für den Link – ich merks mir!

Bis bald malAnette

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Hola Anette:

Lust auf Afroperuanische Musik oder Kreolische Musik?. Lg. Charo Mendívil

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Oi Charo, vielen Dank! Ja :o). Ich kann leider Deine Telefonnummer nicht mehr finden - hast Du meine noch?? Melde Dich doch mal bitte. GLG Anette

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